Golf Injuries - Female Golfers

Females account for about one-quarter of the 25 million recreational golfers in the United States. Even though females are well represented among the golfing population, there is surprisingly little research published in the medical literature that is dedicated specifically to the female golfer.

What we do know about the particular injury concerns of female golfers comes from surveys of professional and amateur players. The injury overall rate for amateur female golfers is about 60 percent, while professional female golfers face an injury rate of about 80 percent. The diagram below shows the most frequently reported sites of injury in surveys of professional and amateur female golfers:

Some important things to note:
  • Injuries to the upper limb (shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand) account for more than half of the total injuries, whether professional or amateur. The majority of these injuries occur on the left (lead) side.
  • Injuries to the lower back are generally less frequent among females than males.
  • The frequency of elbow injuries is much higher for the amateur player than it is for the professional. Professionals reported a much higher rate of wrist/hand injuries compared to amateurs.
  • Injuries to the lower limb (hip, knee, ankle, and foot) are relatively uncommon for all female golfers.

Amateur female golfers reported the same common causes for injury as the men:
  • Excessive play or practice.
  • Poor swing mechanics.
  • Hitting the ground or an object during a swing.

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