Injuries by Body Parts:

Do you have a tender elbow, sore shoulder, or painful lower back that is preventing you from enjoying golf the way you once could?

The following anatomical "guided tour" should help you get a feel for the types of injuries that golfers commonly face.

Keep in mind that the book discusses each of these injuries (and more) in much greater detail than is seen in the overview below.  Each chapter in the book that deals with a commonly injured body part (elbow, wrist/hand, shoulder, lower back, knee, etc.) provides the golfer with tons of helpful information, including:

  • Basic relevant anatomy
  • Injury mechanisms
  • Swing imperfections/flaws that can contribute to a particular injury
  • Common forms of treatment available for each type of injury (physical therapy, surgery, etc.)
  • Advice from medical experts and golf gurus about how to prevent each type of injury

Enjoy the tour!

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