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"Finally - a comprehensive book for all levels. I have found Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries to be a very useful and practical read for anyone involved with golf. It definitely is the most comprehensive book on this subject I have read over the last fifteen years." Brian Magna, P.T., Former LPGA Tour Physical Therapist

Every physical therapist and sports trainer has patients/clients who are golfers. Your goal is to help prevent golf-related injuries, and to speed the recovery of those who have already suffered injuries. Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries will give the therapist/trainer essential knowledge on the important but often neglected topic of golf injury prevention and treatment.

Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries was written with the therapist/trainer in mind - the book is fully referenced with seventy-eight articles and chapters from the medical literature.

Dr. Larry Foster was also a featured speaker at the APTA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.

Other great uses for Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries include:

  • As a thank-you gift for your patients/clients
  • As a unique sales item for your waiting room

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"Dr. Foster uses great illustrations and even better analogies to describe how each injury occurs and gives great advice on how to prevent these injuries in the first place". Dr. Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute