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"Every golfer understands the importance of course management in relation to performance. But how much do you know about 'body management' - that is, taking care of your body to prevent injury or recover from it? Dr. Larry Foster's book, Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries, should be your personal coach in this important area." Gary Wiren, Ph.D., PGA Master Professional

"It was with great interest that I set down to read Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries and I was not disappointed...A much needed addition to the golfing literature." TJ Tomasi, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Every golf teaching professional and coach should own a copy of Dr. Divotís Guide to Golf Injuries. Itís the best way to keep your students healthy and coming back for more golf!

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"With Dr. Divot's book as guidance, teachers and students alike will be better equipped to deal with golf injuries and how they relate to improved health and an improved golf swing." David Glenz, 1998 PGA National Teacher of the Year

"Dr. Foster uses great illustrations and even better analogies to describe how each injury occurs and gives great advice on how to prevent these injuries in the first place." Dr. Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute