“Every golfer understands the importance of course management in relation to performance. But how much do you know about ‘body management’—that is, taking care of your body to prevent injury or recover from it? Dr. Larry Foster’s book, Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries, should be your personal coach in this important area.”

 Gary Wiren, Ph.D., PGA Master Professional

“With Dr. Divot’s book as guidance, teachers and students alike will be better equipped to deal with golf injuries and how they relate to improved health and an improved golf swing.” David Glenz, 1998 PGA National Teacher of the Year

"Dr. Foster uses great illustrations and even better analogies to describe how each injury occurs and gives great advice on how to prevent these injuries in the first place".  Dr. Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute

"It was with great interest that I set down to read Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries and I was not disappointed...A much needed addition to the golfing literature."  TJ Tomasi, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

"Foster knows the ailing golfer is going to keep playing and supplies the know-how and treatments to keep players on the course."                                      Sports Illustrated.com

"Finally--a comprehensive book for all levels.  I have found Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries to be a very useful and practical read for anyone involved with golf.  It definitely is the most comprehensive book on this subject I have read over the last fifteen years."                                                                        Brian Magna, P.T., Former LPGA Tour Physical Therapist

“[Dr. Foster’s] enthusiasm for his subject is obvious…his attitude is one of ‘here’s how you and I can fix this.’…This book is a valuable addition to the helpful medical literature on golf.” Holebyhole.com

“Dr. Foster examines the most common causes of golf injuries, steps that we all should take to prevent them, and treatments available for those who don’t listen. If you play golf, you should get this book for yourself!” DocGolf

“With something for everyone with the golf bug, from duffers to club pros, the book’s table of contents reads like a weekend warrior’s medicine cabinet…Thoughout the book, Foster’s jokes and anecdotes keep the pages turning.” New York Golf

"All golfers would do well to learn the information included in this book.  It's the best and easiest-to-read book that we've seen that focuses on golf-related injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatment."  Golf Guide, About.com

"Golf coaches, teachers, and competitive players should own this book, as well as anyone who wishes to prevent injuries in the future."                   Mike Wine, Golfer's Tee Times                             

"FINALST--Best Books 2004, Recreation/Sports"                                             USA BOOK NEWS

PGA Tour Partners Club Magazine:  As featured in the July/August issue of Partners Club Magazine, Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries received an impressive 92% approval rating in the Member Tested program, and earned the coveted Partners Club Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval.

Here's what the Partners Club Member Testers had to say:

Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries is an exquisite book written by an obvious expert."       J Van Dyke


“Dr. Divot’s humor goes a long way to making the book a good and easy read. The recommendations are ‘spot on’, in my opinion. This should be a ‘must read’ for all golfers.” J. Keller


“Anybody playing golf should read this book before picking up a club.” R. Sherman


“The book is very informative, easy to understand, and quite witty. The author holds your interest with his humor.” J. Slack


“This book is a ‘must read’ for all golfers—male or female, and should be in every pro shop and sports medicine facility.” H. Hoeflein


“The doctor is just the person I need in my scramble team. I am keeping the book for myself, but telling my friends to get one of their own!” W. Simpson


“I now have started to implement the ‘golf warm-up’ and ‘conditioning & preventative exercises’ and I feel better already.” P. Larkowski


“A valuable reference book to keep within reach, especially after a long winter of idle time.” R. Conrad


“Dr. Divot’s book should be recommended reading for every golfer.” J. Strohmeier


“I think Dr. Foster (Divot) has done a good job by using humor to make this serious subject of exercise and conditioning into an interesting read.” J. Herman


“As a senior golfer, I’ve suffered my share of golf injuries. I wish I could have read this book when I was younger.” N. Hawkins


“Very eye-opening. I would recommend this book to everybody.” J. Rush


“This book is extremely useful for 50-plus year-old golfers like me. I will keep and use this book in the future. A great deal of useful information for a small price!!” R. Schmidt


“What I liked best was (that) the author stressed what the golfer should do prior to the start of a round.” R. Brand


“Very informative regarding golf and its effect on the body. Gives specific info to help your golf game and prevent injuries. I like it.” G. Wojciechowski


“This is an excellent resource, especially for seniors. Dr. Foster has done an excellent job of presenting the material in an easily understood form.” L Buser


“Very well written. Such a great sense of humor. Keeps your attention.” W. Wyne


“With the information & exercises, there is no doubt that I will have a safer year. Thanks for a great book.” J. Nordhaus


“After many injuries, I found the book a new way of looking at injuries. Easy reading, very informative.” R. Greene


“Very informative. Every golfer should read this book and understand the importance of physical fitness (stretching, muscle tone, etc.). The ‘do’s and don’ts’ section is a must read.” J. Linnan


“As a high school golf coach, this book could be a valuable resource and training aid.” R.Miller


“Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries was a real eye-opener.” J. Lang


“The book was easy to read and the author seemed to be a regular guy.” D. Boalby


“I have been looking for a good exercise regimen for golf, and this is the answer.” T. Baker


“If I could have had this book 40 years ago I would probably be in better shape than I am now. I don’t think you can find a more complete that can help anyone.” M. Craig


“Back pain, shoulder hurt, hip problems? Buy the book. Very informative for all golfers of every age.” H. Ujifusa


“The humor, along with the facts about golf injuries, made the book hard to put down. The warm-up and stretching chapters were very helpful. I can now play a round of golf without feeling pain the next day.”              L. Hoenig


“Great review of golf injuries and ways to prevent them. The section on warming up should be read and followed by all golfers.” C. Lawyer


“I compete in long drive events and given the great information provided I am able to prevent injuries and quickly recover from any that may occur.” H. Hanley


“In addition to telling the reader ‘what to do’, it also clearly and convincingly explains ‘why’. I have already incorporated several of Dr. Divot’s recommendations into my pregame routine…” R. Connolly


“Since reading the book, I have changed my method of preparation for each golfing adventure.” E. Risch



“I wish I’d had the book a long time ago. Could’ve saved some aches and pains.” R. Donald


“…it brings to light many aspects of preparing to play golf I had never thought about. Any serious golfer should read this book.”  R. Arnold


“This book could not have come at a more appropriate time. I was down on my back when it arrived and I used the needed exercises to improve and they worked GREAT!! Thank you, Dr. Divot.”  D. Connor


“In my opinion, this book should be on every athlete’s book shelf. Many times we get into habits that can cause injuries and have no idea why we are hurting. Dr. Divot’s book probably has the explanation.”  J. Zugelder


“I have wanted to buy a book or a video that shows how to and what to stretch before I play. Not only does Dr. Divot do that, he also tells you how to take care of yourself once you have been injured.” C. Cunningham


“I would recommend this book to anyone suffering from injuries and wanting to still play competitive golf…I found it very east to understand.” P. Mazzocco


“The day I received Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries I had that day been given a cortisone injection for golfer’s elbow. Dr. Foster, the author, hit the nail on the head when describing causes, treatment, and prevention of that injury. He also gives the same attention to [the] wrist, hand, knee, back, and shoulder. ” G. Costantino


“I would recommend the book based on the easy reading, put into terms that the non-medical person would understand.” S. Pearlman


“I never realized there were so many ways I could hurt myself while golfing. The book is written in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend this book to any amateur golfer.” K. Hutchinson


“I always found that it took me four to six holes to really be stretched out enough to play comfortably. Chapter 10 on golf warm-up is being used by me and the other members of my foursome.” J. Proto


“Well written and illustrated in layman’s terminology.” G. Waldron


“In reading Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries my eyes were opened to the number and type of most golf injuries.” J. Wegrzyn


“Excellent product. It’s like having a Sports Doctor at home. Thanks for such a great product to review!” R. Cross


“Dr. Divot’s book explains why you may hurt after a round, or multiple rounds, of golf. [It] tells you what you definitely wouldn’t want your wife to know about golf causing aches and pains…” R. McWilliams


“Very good book with many features that should help my golf improve. I especially liked the exercise/warm-up part of the book.” J. Akers


“The whole book was very enlightening.” G. Hull


“I will be doing many of the suggested exercises to get ready for hopefully an injury-free season.” C. Fitch


“A good read—well organized and clearly expressed. This book can be very helpful after one has suffered an injury to prevent re-injury. It would be beneficial for all golfers, especially seniors like myself, to read to prevent injuries.” D. Shaible


“I can’t help but feel game improvement will result from physical conditioning, thorough warm-up, and a conscientious attempt to adhere to proper swing mechanics.” R. Janusz


“If it prevents one problem to the body of a golfer it certainly is worth the time and effort to read.” D. Knight


“Great book that I am sure many are not aware it exists.” J. Paulson


“Being a senior golfer with a hip and knee replacement, and back problems, Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries is in my case just what the doctor ordered.  This book is fabulous.” C. Witsken


“Really applicable to me and my ‘group’. We hardly ever do much warm-up and the coverage for this subject has already been reviewed by several of them. We are passing the book around to each other.” J. Harrah


“There are many tips in this book that the average golfer may not be aware of. They are presented in an easy to read format and are very easily understood. Reading this book and implementing these tips will assure a golfer of a longer playing ‘career’.” I . Garvin 


“Great things to keep us older golfers on course.” D. Forsyth


“Dr. Divot opened my eyes to the importance of preventive medicine.” G. Williams


Being 63 years of age I have read a lot of material pertaining to golf. This book…is very hard to put down. Very easy to read. I will pass this book along to my friends that I play golf with every day.” E. Pierce


“Players need it, need to read it, need to heed it.” J. Borden


“I am an older golfer and appreciated the information on joint and bone changes. Injury prevention is important to me and your explanation of the aging process was very helpful in avoiding problems.”  W. Perommen


“Great idea—many golf injuries are not covered by normal books. At last we have a reference for our sport.” A. Williams


“I appreciate the way this book is laid out and written. I recommend it for all golfers, especially the seniors.” J. Francis


“I recommend this book for all golfers. I never knew about all the injuries that can happen while playing golf. The ‘parting shots’ at the end of each chapter is very handy. The artwork and illustrations helped to pinpoint the injury areas.” L. Houle


“Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries is a must for all golfers for a better golf game and prevention of injuries. To enjoy a longer and healthier life playing golf, every golfer should read this book.” O. Stevens


“I have been looking for ways to improve not only my balance but also regain lost strength and redevelop my muscles for golf. This book will help get me back on the golf course.” W. Filson


“Dr. Divot has approached the subject of golf injuries in a way which is at once quite detailed and yet easy to understand. The section on stretching with accompanying drawings is very useful, especially to an old geezer like me.” J. Allen


“The book is absolutely easy reading. It combines humor with the serious to help golfers learn how to treat and avoid injuries. I like the book for a fun read as well as the knowledge I gained.” R Munn.


“[I] have an ongoing problem with shoulder pain. This helped me to understand the problem and possible solution. A timely read.” J. Crovo


“I found the book very helpful and informative, and very well written for the average reader and golfer. Every golfer should read this book for their own benefit.” H. Cohen


“As a golfer in his mid 50’s, many of the topics covered have hit home…I feel every golfer needs to review this book to enjoy the game of golf and not watch from the sidelines.” R. Jones


“I would recommend this book to anyone who has a bad back and to others to prevent back injuries. I doubt it will improve your score, but it will improve your enjoyment of playing.” B. Mullican


“Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries is a great book for anyone who is involved in golf or any other sport. At 67 years, I feel this book will help me in many ways with my golf game.” J. Warner


“It will be my guide to extending my years of playing golf.” J. Finch



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